Thursday, January 01, 2009

‘Naan Kadavul,’ an eagerly awaited film

CHENNAI: Kollywood and film buffs have been rather curious from the time director Bala announced that ‘Naan Kadavul’ would be his next project. When it’s a director who gave some of today’s leading stars their breakthroughs films such as ‘Sethu,’ ‘Nandha’ and ‘Pithamagan,’ the expectations on his film are bound to be very high.

‘Naan Kadavul,’ has an interesting line up of technicians - actors Arya and Pooja in the lead, music direction by Ilayaraja, lyrics by Valee and cinematography by Arthur A. Wilson, besides nearly 200 new artistes. For the first time, Bala has someone else penning the dialogues for his film. This time, it is noted writer Jayamohan.

“It is Bala’s story. We’ve adapted some small characters from my novel Ezhaam Ulagam to this script and Bala has visually interpreted them. My novel is simple, but the director has brought in a lovely grandeur in the film,” Mr. Jayamohan told The Hindu on Monday.

“The dialogues are simple and accessible, but I’ve tried to raise some fundamental questions pertaining to our lives.”

Speaking on the film, which is expected to hit the cinemas for Pongal, he said: “It will sure be a haunting film.”

A fairly significant portion of the film has been shot in Kashi and this is where cinematographer Arthur A. Wilson’s camera has really experimented.

“I collected many paintings on the place and kept seeing them to get the feel of the place, the lighting, the movement and so on. We haven’t any gimmick in the cinematography and that makes this film very special visually,” he told The Hindu.

The feel would be very subtle, the technician added.

The music and the lyrics have also come out beautifully, industry sources said.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Remembering the legend: MG Ramachandran

In the history of Tamilnadu, one man is still etched deep in the hearts of people. Even though, he is no more his thoughts still linger in the minds of his fans. A remarkable feat of the actor turned politician, MG Ramachandran is that his movies still run in the theatres then and there. And people flock to see it even after so many years with an arrival of numerous heroes. 'Makkal Thilagam' MGR is the numero uno star and politician of all time.Now, we bring you the best of his classics during his anniversary. Here, we present a collection of his movies that are entertaining and thought provoking.

Rajinikanth hitchhikes for 'Endhiran'

Rajinikanth, who was struck in a traffic-jam near Ennore, where the shooting of 'Endhiran' was on, was given assistance by a group of stunt men to reach the shooting spot without getting delayed on Monday. They managed to cover Rajinikanth with a huge coat and a helmet and took him on a motorcycle to the shooting spot.
Rajinikanth was shooting for the movie at Ennore along with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Director Shankar was canning a song sequence. Rajinikanth who left his residence in a car got struck up in a traffic jam near Ennore. He called up Shankar and said that it would be too difficult for him to reach the place. A busy industrial area, the road was blocked by several rows of Lorries.
Shankar came up with an idea and sent a couple of stunt men with motorcycles. They helped Rajinikanth cover his face with a helmet and gave him a long coat. Then they took him in the two-wheeler to the shooting spot.
All the crew members including Aishwarya were surprised to know that Rajnikanth had reached the place in a two-wheeler.